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Chamomilla 3X Granules An Anthroposophic medicine for the relief of colicky pain, and teething troubles in infants. How to use: Adults and children (over 6 years): 2 saltspoonfuls dissolved in the mouth 3 times a day or every 15 minutes until the condition approves. Infants and children (Birth - 6 years): 1 saltspoonful given 15 minutes until the condition improves, for up to 6 doses. If required, dissove granules in 5ml of boiled and cooled water for young infants. Wash the enclosed saltspoon before use. Warnings and precautions: Consult your doctor or pharmacist if symptoms do not go away. Do not store above 25°C. Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children. Ingredients:
100g contains 3X homeopathic potency of Matricaria chamomilla, Radix ethanolic decoction 1ml (equivalent to 0.001g Chamomile root in 100g).
Also contains sucrose.

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