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Well.Actually. Liposomal Glutathione liquid contains powerful 500mg of 'Setria®' Reduced L Glutathione in a highly-absorbed form to achieve optimal delivery and effect for supporting your immune, detox and skin health. Glutathione is further supported with Selenium and Vitamin B6 in its active form (p5p). Selenium is a cofactor to Glutathione, i.e. it is needed to support regular Glutathione activity in the body, with Vitamin B6 playing a supportive role in Glutathione synthesis and being involved in its antioxidant defence system. Nutrients are encapsulated within millions of sunflower-derived micro-phospholipid Liposomes to enhance absorption, protecting the Glutathione, Selenium and B6 against harsh digestive processes, directly and quickly delivering the nutrients into your cells. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten and soy free, non-GMO, this product contains no added sugars or sweeteners and is UK manufactured to high-quality BRC and GMP (Manufacturing) standards. 300ml size provides 60 x servings. Ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Phospholipids (from sunflower lecithin) containing Phosphatidylcholine, Glutathione, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Flavourings (Blueberry, Mint), Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate, Natural Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Sodium Selenite

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