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Soy wax Candle with MOSS AGATE gemstones & VELVET MOON fragrance What is your Magic Spell Candle - Friendship for? - To celebrate and strengthen the bonds of companionship. To promote harmony, loyalty, and connection. Embedded within the candle, you will discover genuine Moss agate that fosters a sense of stability, growth, and connection to nature, making it a perfect companion for cultivating strong friendships. The alluring scent of Velvet Moon will fill the air, creating an atmosphere that embraces the spirit of friendship. How to use your Spell Candle: First, select the candle or combination of candles which represent the things you desire most in your life. Create a space in your home and set out to make a mini shrine to your desires. Arrange your candle with personal items in its light, pictures, jewellery, and gemstones. Don't light the candle immediately. Let it sit in peace. You will know when the time's right to ignite the flame. Sit peacefully with your flame and use the time for meditation and reflection. When the candle is spent and the flame burnt down, you can clean the wax residue in hot water and recover the gemstones you will find. Keep these on you to prolong the magic. For good karma, the glass candle tube should be recycled and reused. E.g. for storage or to hold a flower. * Burning time: 50 hours - Soy wax Candle * Weight: 280g H: 20cm D: 5cm

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