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This highly nutritious, unique 100% raw blend of mountain honey with the most valuable food from the hive, raw royal jelly- is a functional mix to support the whole family’s health and wellbeing. It naturally contains the whole spectrum of B vitamins, including B12 and packed full with enzymes, friendly bacterial cultures and antioxidants to enhance brain function, gastrointestinal health, boost energy levels and immunity while counteracting the effects of ageing, promoting longevity. Natural colour and texture (bits of honey crystals) is from the raw, unheated, untreated nature of the honey and royal jelly. Nothing added, GMO-free, preservatives free, additives free. Sourced only from own family’s apiaries, located in Transylvania, Romania. 290g organic raw mountain honey *, 5g organic raw fresh royal jelly *, <1g organic cold-pressed oil from Sicilian lemons *. *Certified organic ingredients

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