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Aid the balance of both positive and negative energies while manifesting feelings of compassion with the beautiful ‘Balance Bead Necklace’. The necklace can also be worn around your wrists due to its latex-free stretch cord. Rose quartz Rose Quartz is known as the stone of 'universal love', purifying and opening the heart to promote self-love and deep inner healing. Impression Jasper Known as the spiritual and healing stone, it can help the mind to reach tranquillity. Absorbs negative energy, aligns body, mind, and spirit, and is also useful for shamanic travel.

 Crescent Moon Pendant The shimmering gold-coloured crescent moon represents the lunar phase in the first quarter and matches the small gold beads throughout the necklace. - Tool to use for meditation & prayer - Strung on an elastic band - Inspires balance - Thoughtful gift - Handmade Mala - Healing necklace

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