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Ignite your creativity and embrace your sensuality with Sacral Chakra Incense Holders. Expertly crafted to inspire passion and enhance emotional well-being, these beautiful holders are perfect for those seeking to balance and activate their Sacral Chakra.

Key Features

- Sacral Chakra represents creativity, passion and emotional balance
- Handcrafted in India
- Catches the ash 
- Beautiful home decor
- Used in meditation and yoga
- Spiritual gift
- One Incense stick slot
- Light weight

- Wood

Care Instruction
- Clean with a soft cloth regularly. Avoid water and high humidity. Handle gently. Store in a dry, cool place away from sunlight.

- Size with header card : Length : 30 cm x width 6.2 cm
- Weight with header card : 30 grams 
- Wood holder size : Length : 25 cm x width 3.3 cm
- Wood weight : 22 grams

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