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Discover harmony and expression with Throat Chakra Incense Holders, crafted to resonate with the essence of communication, truth and creativity. These holders are designed to enhance your spiritual practice and elevate the ambiance of any sacred space.

Key Features

- Throat Chakra represents communication, self-expression and authenticity
- Handcrafted in India
- Catches the ash 
- Beautiful home decor
- Used in meditation and yoga
- Spiritual gift
- One Incense stick slot
- Light weight

- Wood

Care Instruction
- Clean with a soft cloth regularly. Avoid water and high humidity. Handle gently. Store in a dry, cool place away from sunlight.

- Size with header card : Length : 30 cm x width 6.2 cm
- Weight with header card : 30 grams 
- Wood holder size : Length : 25 cm x width 3.3 cm
- Wood weight : 22 grams

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