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Unwind and surrender to the bewitching allure of the Herbal Magick 'De-Stress' Bath Bomb. A truly indulgent addition to a magical bathing ritual to de-stress, this bath bomb contains a mystical blend of natural ingredients; Himalayan Salt, Clary Sage and Olive Oil which are revered for their purifying and detoxifying properties. 

The gentle exfoliation of Himalayan Salt leaves your skin feeling refreshed and promotes a sense of well-being, while the comforting fragrance of Clary Sage creates a sense of calm and inner peace. The addition of Olive Oil nourishes and enriches the skin with deep hydration, and the infusion of rosemary brings forth clarity and self-confidence. 

The perfect gift for yourself or someone special, allowing you to experience the transformative power of relaxation and serenity with every soak.

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