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Harmonious Incense Stick & Cone Burner Disc - Yin & Yang is a perfect blend of balance and artistic flair. Crafted with precision from high-quality wood in India, this burner disc is designed to bring a sense of equilibrium and visual elegance to any space. The Yin & Yang symbol, representing the interdependence and balance of opposites, takes centre stage on this finely crafted burner disc. The intricate detailing of this ancient symbol not only makes it a functional piece for burning incense sticks and cones but also transforms it into a visually captivating work of art. Ideal for individuals seeking harmony in their surroundings, this burner disc is a versatile addition to homes, offices, or meditation spaces. The carefully selected wood ensures durability while imparting a subtle, earthy fragrance to the environment when in use. This product appeals to those who appreciate the symbolism of balance and seek to bring a sense of harmony into their lives.

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